'To be alone in a balloon at a height of fourteen or fifteen thousand feet is like nothing else in human experience. It is one of the supreme things possible to man. No flying machine can ever better it. It is to pass extraordinarily out of human things'

H.G. Wells, 1908


The Balloon Association of Victoria was founded in 1985 and has since become one of Australia's most active balloon clubs. 

BAV provides a great introduction into the world of ballooning and a supportive environment for those already in the know.


the club balloon

Nicknamed 'Vicky', our club balloon is a Kavanagh C77. Vicky is available to all club members for recreational and training purposes. 

For more information, including hourly rates, click here, or if you'd like to read about the balloon operating rules, click here

To book Vicky please contact Chris Brown.


the club Lodge

Also known as the BAV Headquarters, the hut is located at the Benalla Airfield and is for the enjoyment of all BAV members and friends. 

To book the hut, please complete the BAV Hut Booking Form and return it to Lu Michell.