Recreational Flying

Many BAV members fly recreationally over open countryside around Victoria or from our base in Benalla. With a Private Pilot Certificate, pilots have the freedom to fly alone or with friends and to go wherever the wind takes them. 

Most private balloon pilots start their ballooning adventure as crew before becoming student pilots. If you're interested in becoming a pilot or joining the crew, come along to one of our monthly meetings



Pilots rely on the dedicated crew who help to get the balloon off the ground, follow in a chase vehicle and help pack the balloon after landing. If you are new to ballooning, becoming a crew member is a great place to start. 

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Student pilot

The club balloon is available to all BAV student pilots for training with a certified club instructor. To become a pilot, students are required to hold a Student Pilot Certificate (SPC) and to become a member of the Australian Ballooning Federation (ABF). 

BAV provides regular training opportunities for students, as well as an annual training week. Most students should expect a two year training period before receiving their wings. 

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private pilot

To obtain a Private Pilot Certificate (PPC), pilots must first complete a minimum of 16 hours of training with an authorised instructor.

Once all examinations are passed, private pilots can experience the joy of ballooning at their own leisure. The club balloon is available to all BAV members for use in Victoria.

Alternatively, many pilots choose to own their own balloon, which can either be purchased second hand or through Kavanagh Balloons - the only manufacturer of balloons in Australia. 

For more information on Kavanagh Balloons, click here