'Your balloon voyage so occupied my mind that I dreamt of it'

J.M.W. Turner, 1836



As private balloonists, BAV can not offer paid flights. There are, however, a number of commercial balloon companies in Victoria who can.

balloon man.jpg

Balloon flights over melbourne

Enjoy the thrill of a sunrise hot air balloon flight over Melbourne CBD with BalloonMan. 


global ballooning

Experience the joy of 'lighter than air' balloon flights over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley with Global Ballooning. 


goldrush ballooning

Goldrush offer a boutique flying experience over Mansfield and the King Valley in north eastern Victoria

go wild.jpg

go wild ballooning

Take in the spectacular views of the Yarra Valley, with the vineyards below and the Melbourne skyline in the distance. 

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picture this ballooning

Fly over the iconic buildings of Melbourne, the picturesque Yarra Valley or Daylesford Spa Country with Picture This Ballooning. 

BAV does not accept any responsibility for bookings made with these operators.